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Nybbas is an obscure demon that is known within the high upper gallery of Hell, but is regarded as a buffoon and charlatan. He is said to manage visions and dreams.

Encyclopedia Of Demons In World Religions And Cultures[]

In Collin de Plancy’s Dictionaire Infernale (1863), Nybbas holds several infernal posts, in- cluding chief mimic of the Masters of the Revels, the court fool of Hell, grand publicist of the pleasures of Hell, the great parodist, and the ruler of dreams. This low-ranking servitor of Vapula is in service under Lilith, as he is an incubus of the inferior order. The demon who advertises the pleasures of Hell, he was born the son of either Samael or Uriel (sources conflict) and is described as looking like a winged lion or as a man with a sickening grinning face whose eyes are hidden behind a hat or veil. Nybbas dehuman- izes and desensitizes humanity, and manages the dreams and visions of mankind. This natural-born liar is both disdainful and manipulative. He is known to strangle his lovers while they sleep.

Variations: Nebachas, Nebahaz, Nybras