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Akka, depicted by MaggieRaven

Akka, is the wife of Ukko, the powerful sky deity that ruled over the ancient Finns. She was also worshipped by the ancient Estonians (who knew her as Maan-Emo) and Sami people.

Concepts of Akka[]

  • Maderakka, the first Akka, to whom all women and children belong, even boys, until they become men. Maderakka is said to be mother of the Sarakka, Juksakka and Uksakka, which all could be considered to be aspect of her.
  • Sarakka was the deity of of fertility, menstruation, love, sexuality, pregnancy and childbirth.
  • Juksakka was considered the protector of children and called the "akka with an arrow".
  • Uksakka formed the fetus during the pregnancy and assigns them their gender.
  • Jabme-Akka a deity that resides in Tuonela, but unlike Tuoni or his wife Tuonetar, she tends to spirits of dead infants.